Give your carpet and furniture a royal treatment

Carpet and fabric stains can be annoying and repulsive. If you find yourself identifying shapes of stains just like how you would when you look up at clouds, it is time that you hire a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service to take the stains out for you.

However, not all carpet cleaning service companies have staff members who are trained and prepared to deliver carpet cleaning in Calgary or know how to clean upholstery properly. It is most likely that they are using the wrong chemicals, equipment and methods. As a result, they may do little for your carpet or even make things worse by damaging it.

We raise the standard as a carpet cleaning service

Evo Cleaning Services has the equipment that delivers the extraction power needed to remove oil, stains and any other filth that ruins your carpet and fabric.

Our current method is our hot water extraction method to remove the deep dirt with great care and gentleness. We inject a combination of formulated solution and hot water into the carpet to take care of the deepest stains. We then extract all the residue and dirt.

What you can expect from our upholstery cleaning service

Your furniture will be deodorized and be free of harmful bacteria that tends to linger around due to inexperienced upholstery cleaning. We spray a specialized formulated solution onto the fabric to make it more resistant to stains, oils, dirt and dust. We treat your furniture similarly with our hot water extraction method that works well with our carpet cleaning method.

Our methods leave no soap-residues to prevent the likelihood of your carpet and fabric rapidly re-soiling. Thus, feel free to reach out to us in Calgary if you are interested in our carpet and upholstery cleaning service. We want to make your carpet and furniture look like new.