When was the last time you hired a professional cleaning service to maintain your floor? Unfortunately, business owners and warehouse operators may not be aware that floor finish can wear down quickly through time, causing them to look dull. It is essential to recognize the need for floor care before time takes it toll. The protective coating can wear down to the point where damage to the base flooring can be irreparable. Eventually, you might have to think about spending more money into repairing and replacing them

Why not tackle the issue before it grows larger? Evo Cleaning Services provides a method of ensuring that your hard floor is not susceptible to long term damage. Attractive hard floors require regular maintenance and the right expertise to handle scrub them. Our floor cleaning services are regarded around Calgary as the most reliable.

To provide the optimal service, our consultant will observe the conditions of your hard floor and will discuss the appropriate course of action you can take with your floor.

Remember, shiny floors are literally a reflection of your business.

Thus, feel free to take advantage of our following floor care services:

  1. Cleaning of hard service floors
  2. Waxing
  3. Stripping
  4. Scrubbing floors